How To: Create redistributable software


The Sightcorp SDKs licensing model has been devised to allow ease of use during development time and to allow a controlled environment during redistribution.

A license can operate in two ways:

  • Development

  • Release (redistribution)

When operating in development mode, a license can be activated on a specified number of (development) machines for a specified amount of time. After the development phase is completed, a Redistribution needs to be created in order to be able to use the software on non developer machines.

There are two types of redistribution:

  • Device Redistribution (Standard)

  • Usage Based Redistribution (Server)

A Standard redistribution can be installed on a specified amount of machines an can run for an unlimited amount of time after the first authentication (activation time). An internet connection is required only the first time to activate the product.

A Server redistribution can be installed on any machine, even multiple machines at the same time. A Server redistribution is valid as long as there are credits available on the license. An internet connection is always required for Server redistribution.

Controlling the way a Sightcorp SDK (CrowdSight or InSight) operates can be done by specifying the correct "operation mode" from the constructor of the SDK.

To register a machine as a developer machine on our licensing server, authenticate the software in developer mode. After all the developer machines available on the license are registered, it won't be possible to activate a new developer machine. After the developer machine activation, the license will be valid for the time specified on the license.

To generate a redistribution, the software needs to authenticate in Standard or Server redistribution mode from a developer machine. The authentication will fail since it is not possible to use a redistribution on a developer machine. However, the product will now be registered on the licensing server as a valid redistributable. NOTE: to correctly register a product, it should not be executed from within your IDE.

 The compiled software can be activated on as many machines as the license specifies. A server redistribution is valid as long as there are credits available on the license.

Note that, for any modification of the software which uses Sightcorp technology ( eg: a new version, patch, ...), a new redistribution needs to be generated and registered following the procedure mentioned above. No redistribution licenses will be used for already licensed devices.


Step-by-step procedure

As the documentation states, the constructors of Sightcorp SDKs accepts 2 parameters:
  • data directory
  • operation mode (default parameter DEVELOPER)
Operation mode can be:
To activate a developer machine:
  1. call the SDK constructor with DEVELOPER operation mode.
  2. compile your program
  3. run the program on the machine you want to activate as developer
To generate a redistribution:
  1. call the SDK constructor with REDISTRIBUTION operation mode
  2. compile your program
  3. run the program in the developer machine
To activate a redistribution on one machine:
  1. copy/install the binaries (redistributable) you generated from the developer machine as they are (without recompiling) in the redistribution machine.
  2. run the program in the redistribution machine
From that moment on, the redistributable is activated in the redistribution machine and can run for an unlimited time (in the case of device redistribution), or until there are credits available (in the case of usage based redistribution). You can update your program, generate another redistributable an install it on the redistribution machine again, without any cost.
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