CrowdSight Changelog


  • Introduce EvidenceLevel in settings.ini: this parameter allows for quicker ID assignment on observations if the level is lowered, or builds up more evidence for ID assignment when the level is increased. Default level=3. This parameters indicates the number of detection required before assigning an ID to  the user.
  • More robust Age/Gender classifiers
  • More robust Asian Age/Gender classifiers
  • VS2015 support


  • More robust Asian Gender classifier
  • getNumThreads and setNumThreads to control the number of threads CrowdSight can utilize
  • Bugfixes


  • firstSeen for Person interface
  • Speed optimizations
  • Bugfixes


  • Android SDK release with fully updated interface
  • TBB integration for Android
  • Upgrade OpenCV for Android to 2.4.10


  • TBB integration for desktop: CrowdSight can speed up processing time by utilizing multiple threads
  • Complete set of getter/setter functions for runtime adjustable CrowdSight settings
  • Improved Face Tracking
  • Improved Age/Gender classifiers
  • Upgrade OpenCV to 2.4.10


  • Speed optimizations
  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Landmarker points of the face
  • Illumination normalization
  • Headgaze feature
  • Improved Ethnicity classifier
  • Improved Age/Gender classifiers
  • Further decreasing size of classifiers to decrease overall package size


  • Introduce Ethnicity classifier
  • Improved Age/Gender classifiers
  • Face Identification module
  • Face tracking module
  • Decrease size of classifiers to decrease overall package size



  • Mobile version
  • Adaptive face acceptance thresholding
  • More consistent model load and save
  • Changes to the settings file
  • Changes to the "person" interface for interchangeability with insight
  • Averaging buffer is now internal to the SDK
  • New example project, uses make for compilation on Linux and Mac
  • Bug fixes


  • Night vision mode for applications that use night vision camera
  • Asian mode for improved accuracy on asian countries


  • New function getEmotions, returning responses for the 6 universal emotions
  • Adaptive filter becomes more flexible for training with new adjustable settings 
  • Improved gender classification
  • Integration new licensing server and developer/redistribution licensing scheme
  • New function setMaxNumPeople to regulate the maximum amount of people to be tracked simultaneously.
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