Suggested Cameras

Our libraries work on directly images, as such it is agnostic of the camera you are using. Images can be captured in different ways: Our demonstrator uses the OpenCV library to capture images, this allows to capture from videos, usb and ip cameras. Please look for OpenCV compatibility list to see if your camera is supports it.


In general, we suggest to have at least a 720p camera, and to have faces of at least 50x50 pixels.

For distances up to 3 meters you can use a simple Logitech c920 pro (

For distances larger than 3 meters, a camera which supports optical zoom is required.

If you want to achieve the best results, our suggested high quality device manufacturers are:

  • Ximea (
  • PointGrey (


OpenCV is able to capture from IP streams, however every camera has his own way of streaming the image, which might not be compatible with OpenCV.

For the best results, we suggest to use Axis security IP cameras.

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